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Healthcare Headlines: August 2019

By Kindred Healthcare

Physicians See More Pay Tied To Patient Satisfaction And Outcomes

New analysis shows physician practices are seeing more of their pay and bonuses based on “value-based metrics such as patient satisfaction and outcome measures” – a trend anticipated to continue as health insurance companies and the federal government move away from fee-for-service reimbursement. See how this evolution is changing pay. Read more

Telemedicine Is Poised To Grow As Its Popularity Increases Among Physicians And Patients

Recent report found that telemedicine was worth about $38.3 billion in 2018, and is projected to grow to $130.5 billion by 2025. Studies are starting to show the impact on physicians' jobs, and on the healthcare workforce in general, with more doctors self-reporting the skill and more patient visits conducted using the technology. Learn more about the implications of this growing technology. Read more

Researchers Try To Make ICU Less Traumatic For Patients, Families

New studies suggest that making ICU visiting hours more flexible can decrease the prevalence of anxiety and depression in relatives. See the full study and what can be done to ease this tension. Read more

ACOs Need A Balance Of PCPs And Specialists To Best Reduce Healthcare Costs, Study Finds

Study with ACOs finds that a balance between primary care providers and specialists is needed for optimal outcomes for high-risk patients with chronic conditions. The researchers also found that as the proportion of specialists visits increased in an ACO, the number of emergency department visits, hospital discharges and skilled nursing facility discharges decreased. Learn more about achieving this successful balance. Read more

Too Many EHR-Generated Messages Contributing To Physician Burnout: Study

New findings indicate that most physicians' EHR inboxes are backlogged with system-generated messages—rather than messages from patients or colleagues—a problem linked to greater job dissatisfaction and burnout. Learn how to combat the issue. Read more

Patients At High Risk In Transition From Hospital To Long-Term Care, Study Finds

Researchers studying the transition of patients from a hospital to a nursing home found that 37.3% of the time the patients suffered an adverse event. Further, 70.4% of these events were preventable. Discover the most common events and ways to avoid them. Read more

In A Review Of 337,000 Patient Cases, This Was The No. 1 Most Common Preventable Medical Error

New study finds that about 12% of preventable patient harm results in “prolonged, permanent disability” or even death. The largest share of this preventable harm was related to medication and other treatments. See the full study and ways to prevent these issues. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare