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Healthcare Headlines: December 2019

By Kindred Healthcare

CMS Is Changing How It Pays Doctors To Coordinate Care

CMS has finalized rules that modify how physicians get paid to encourage primary care physicians and other clinicians to spend more time coordinating care for their patients. The intention is to help address the social determinants of health, increase patient adherence to treatment, and improve the continuity of care. Check out this article for all payment updates, including the physician fee schedule. Read more

CDC Updates Core Elements Of Antibiotic Stewardship Of Hospitals

With the March 30, 2020, deadline requiring all acute care and critical access hospitals participating in Medicare to have antibiotic stewardship programs, CMS has updated its Core Elements of Hospital Antibiotic Stewardship Programs. The updates provide examples of leadership commitment to antibiotic stewardship programs, highlight priority interventions and process measures, and emphasize the key role that pharmacists and nurses play in improving antibiotic use in hospitals. Read to see if your antibiotic stewardship program follows these best practices. Read more

Research Report: Remote Patient Monitoring Technologies Meeting New Needs For Hospitals

Recent research shows that hospitals implementing remote patient monitoring technologies are looking for vendors who can offer patient-centric software and solutions that engage the patient in their own care. The following characteristics are the most compelling criteria: patient-centric, focused on patient engagement and empowerment, tools for patient/provider interaction, and consumer-based hardware. See how the technology is evolving to meet more needs.  Read more

CMS Urged To Cut Prior Authorization Red Tape

The AHA is asking CMS to give providers a break on prior authorization stating, “the approach some health plans have taken negatively impacts patient care and adds significant additional cost and burden to the health care system.” Read all of the association's recommendations, including the request for a standardized form and response process. Read more

Key Culture Traits Of Consumer-Centric Hospitals

As hospitals and health systems continue to work toward meeting, and exceeding, patient and family expectations of their interactions with health care, some are finding success by promoting a consumer-centric culture. Three healthcare consultants dig into this idea and provide three key takeaways to achieving a consumer-centric culture. Find out what they are and more on this strategy here. Read more

3D-Printed Living Skin With Blood Vessels Created By Scientists

Scientists have created 3D-printed skin complete with blood vessels, which they hope could one day prevent the body rejecting grafted tissue. The research team combined cells found in human blood vessels with other ingredients, including animal collagen, and printed a skin-like material. Read more on this breakthrough and the patients it can help. Read more

Mobilizing Public Health To Support Elders’ Longevity And Thriving

Statistics about the aging population show that we are at a critical moment in preparing to support the aging population. Public health perspectives describe this substantial threat and propose to implement strategies to prevent or mitigate the suffering. Check out these considerations, including how population-based data is being used. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare