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Healthcare Headlines: February 2020

By Kindred Healthcare

US On Track For One Of The Worst Flu Seasons In Decades

This flu season is on track to be as severe as the deadliest flu season in the United States in more than 40 years. Check out the latest hospitalization rates, year-over-year comparisons and a nationwide map of influenza activity. Read more

5 Trends For Hospitals To Watch In 2020

Stay on top of the legislative news cycle in 2020 by knowing these anticipated trends from key healthcare leaders. Their predictions include surprise billing, consolidations and more. Read more

Treating Patients With Chronic Conditions

Primary care physicians are often relied upon by their patients suffering from chronic, complex medical conditions. However, PCPs often don’t have enough time to provide these patients with the counseling and life-coaching that treatment of these conditions often require. Read about a technique called motivational interviewing, which allows physicians to more quickly learn what’s going on in their patients’ lives so they can tailor their care to each patient. Read more

What To Expect In 2020: An Even Greater Focus On Social Determinants Of Health

With this fall's presidential election on the horizon, 2020 will likely see an increased focus on the relationship between traditional healthcare service providers and the non-medical needs that influence a patient's health outcomes. One key and central question to making this all work: Will emerging reimbursement models accelerate investments in these social determinants of health? Read more

Health Policy In 2020 Will Be Made In The States

With legislation in Congress likely to be blocked by partisan division and interest group opposition, it is anticipated that much of the movement and decision making in healthcare this year will be in the states. Check out this article for more on what could be occurring in your state. Read more

Investment In Medical And Health R&D Not Keeping Up With Needs Of Nation, Report Finds

While investment in medical and health research and development continues to grow, R&D spending still represents only about 5 cents of every health dollar spent. This key finding in the 2019 U.S. Investments in Medical and Health Research and Development, a new report from Research!America, indicates that the total investment isn't tracking with disease burden. Read this piece for more on this report and its recommendations on curtailing certain diseases. Read more

Hand Hygiene Protocols For ICU Patients May Reduce Infection Risk, Study Suggests

New study by the Cleveland Clinic finds that hand hygiene practices for patients in the intensive care unit may be just as important for preventing infections as clinician hand hygiene. See the findings published in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology to ensure proper practices in your practice. Read more

By Kindred Healthcare