• Studies show that keeping hospital patients in bed or in a chair can increase the likelihood of muscle atrophy, blood clots and bed sores. Such research and recent federal initiatives highlight the benefits that early mobility can have on a patient’s recovery. Read Full Post
  • Healthcare Headlines: January 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    ACO Roundup: CMS Finalizes Rule To Make ACOs Take On More Risk

    Catch up on the latest news regarding ACOs you may have missed over the holidays, including CMS’ announcement it would force Medicare-accountable care organizations to assume downside risk sooner. Read more

    How A Computer Model Can Help Control MRSA Outbreaks In Hospitals

    According to a study in eLife, a computer-based model could help hospitals control outbreaks of MRSA and identify those patients who have a higher risk of being infected. Read more

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  • 5 Healthcare Trends in 2019: Your Cheat Sheet

    By Kindred Healthcare

    In 2019, significant changes taking place in healthcare will help trigger major shifts in our nation’s healthcare system, including new services available to the aging population.

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  • In today’s healthcare environment, there is an increasing focus on what happens to your patients before and after they come through your system. Know how you can make an impact by creating partnerships between acute and post-acute providers to avoid financial penalties and adverse patient outcomes for high acuity patients. Read Full Post
  • Healthcare Headlines: December 2018

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Do Concerns About Costs Impact ICU Care?

    Findings in a new study suggest that financial considerations can shape care of ICU patients. Increased prevalence of cost discussions were found in patient notes the longer the hospital stay of a patient in the ICU and when there was a change in treatment or discharge plans. Read more

    93% of participants earned a MIPS bonus payment this year. (But it could be harder next year)

    CMS Administrator Seema Verma recently announced that 93% of clinicians eligible to participate in MACRA's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) received a bonus payment for the 2017 performance year. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: October 2018

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Virtual Doctor Visits Are Getting More Popular, But Questions Remain About Who Pays

    Provisions within the federal budget law Congress passed this year expands the use of telemedicine, which could go mainstream within 5 to 10 years. Read more

    Study: More Practices Employing Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants 

    According to a study reported in JAMA Internal Medicine, more practices are employing nurse practitioners or physician assistants. Read more

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  • Healthcare Provisions in the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018

    By Susan Feeney, Senior Director of Communications & Public Policy, Kindred Healthcare
    The Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 (BBA18) was passed into law earlier this year and, while referred to as a “budget deal,” it is also the most significant piece of healthcare legislation passed since 2016. Read Full Post
  • Healthcare Headlines: June 2018

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Advisory Panel Recommends Physician-Focused Payment Models to HHS

    The Physician-Focused Payment Model Technical Advisory Committee recently submitted four recommendations to the Department of Health and Human Services. Read more

    CMS Says Quality Payment Program Exceeds Year 1 Participation Goal

    A recent publication from Administrator Seema Verma of the CMS states that more than 90% of clinicians eligible for the Merit-based Incentive Payment System participated in the first year of the Quality Payment Program. Read more

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  • The Impact of Early Mobility on Patient Recovery

    By Kim Harwell, PT | Senior Director of Quality, KHRS – LTACHs

    Studies show that keeping hospital patients in bed or in a chair can increase the likelihood of muscle atrophy, blood clots and bed sores. For some patients, immobilization – even for a few days – can lead to a permanent functional decline.

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  • Healthcare Headlines: April 2018

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Report Highlights Hospital Quality Improvement Gains

    According to the latest report, unplanned hospital readmissions dropped by 70,000 for Medicare Part C patients between 2011 and 2015, avoiding more than $1 billion in healthcare costs. Read more

    House Lawmakers Launch Group To Push Value-Based Care Policies

    The federal government has taken another step forward in the push toward value-based care models and accompanying technologies through the creation of a new group of U.S. House of Representatives. Read more

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