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  • Improve Patient Outcomes through Post-Discharge Virtual Care

    By Sean R. Muldoon, MD, MPH, FCCP, Chief Medical Officer, Kindred Hospitals

    New approaches to care management are required as our nation faces a wave of aging Americans with new and increasing healthcare needs. Adding headwinds to this scenario are the anticipated physician shortage and a continued push toward value-based care.

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  • Healthcare Headlines: June 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Precision Medicine: Getting The Data Creates A Challenge For Physicians

    Complexities around getting and interpreting clinical data are stalling physicians’ efforts to move from evidenced-based to precision medicine. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: May 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    48 States Use Value-Based Care And Payment Models, Study Shows

    New study shows value-based care and payment programs have launched in nearly all states. Not only did the study find that 48 states have now implemented them, compared to just six in 2013 and 16 in 2014, but the last 5 years have seen the most significant growth in prevalence. Read more

    Improve Medication Reconciliation, Post-Acute Handoff Using 2-Part Discharge Checklist

    Research by the Cleveland Clinic shows the importance of communication and care coordination between providers as patients move between facilities to avoid medication errors and costly readmissions. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: April 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Sepsis Treatment Costs Shoot Up $1.5 Billion For Hospitals Over 3 Years

    New report by Premier found the cost of treating patients who develop sepsis in the hospital rose by 20% in just 3 years. Most interesting, the number of patients who developed sepsis declined by 15%, but spending increased significantly as those patients were more likely to get septic shock, which is more severe and therefore more costly to treat. Read more

    Doctors Need To Do Better At Talking To Families About Critically Ill Patients

    Recent study monitored 244 conferences between clinicians and families of patients in intensive care units who have at least a 50% chance of dying in the hospital. The findings concluded that these conversations could be improved through more recognition of the patients’ values and preferences. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: March 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Physicians Generate $2.4M Annually for Their Hospitals, Study Finds

    Recent survey shows that physicians generate an average of $2,378,727 per year in net revenue for their affiliated hospitals. Read more

    Study: Physician Burnout, Work-Life Integration Improving

    Latest report indicates physician burnout and satisfaction with work-life integration improved between 2014 and 2017, but not all aspects studied saw gains each year. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: February 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Community Hospitals Link Arms With Prestigious Facilities To Raise Their Profiles

    Many flagship hospitals have signed affiliation agreements with smaller hospitals around the country. The larger hospitals benefit from increased reach while the community hospitals get the brand-name affiliation and access to experts and specialized services. Read more

    Primary Care Visits Within 7 Days Of Discharge Linked To Fewer Readmissions

    According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, patients who see a primary care physician within one week of a hospital discharge have lower readmission rates. Read more

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  • Studies show that keeping hospital patients in bed or in a chair can increase the likelihood of muscle atrophy, blood clots and bed sores. Such research and recent federal initiatives highlight the benefits that early mobility can have on a patient’s recovery. Read Full Post
  • Healthcare Headlines: January 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    ACO Roundup: CMS Finalizes Rule To Make ACOs Take On More Risk

    Catch up on the latest news regarding ACOs you may have missed over the holidays, including CMS’ announcement it would force Medicare-accountable care organizations to assume downside risk sooner. Read more

    How A Computer Model Can Help Control MRSA Outbreaks In Hospitals

    According to a study in eLife, a computer-based model could help hospitals control outbreaks of MRSA and identify those patients who have a higher risk of being infected. Read more

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  • 5 Healthcare Trends in 2019: Your Cheat Sheet

    By Kindred Healthcare

    In 2019, significant changes taking place in healthcare will help trigger major shifts in our nation’s healthcare system, including new services available to the aging population.

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  • In today’s healthcare environment, there is an increasing focus on what happens to your patients before and after they come through your system. Know how you can make an impact by creating partnerships between acute and post-acute providers to avoid financial penalties and adverse patient outcomes for high acuity patients. Read Full Post