• Healthcare Headlines -September 2016 in Review

    By Kindred Healthcare

    HCH Monthly

    Hospice Care Improves Patient Experience

    A new study adds to evidence that hospice care during the last six months of life is associated with better overall experiences for patients and a lower likelihood of dying in a hospital. Read More   

    Study Finds Benefits When Seniors Call Shots to Help Them

    A federally funded project that researchers say has potential to promote aging in place began by asking low-income seniors with disabilities how their lives at home could be better, according to a study released Wednesday. Read More  

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  • Erline2Erline is the Patient Advocate and Activity Coordinator at Kindred Tomball, and she shared that she was drawn to the medical field from an early age. This is her story of defying the odds.


    "I began working as an orderly at Methodist Baytown in 1991, then I became a CNA and started doing home health" Erline said. "Then one morning in October of 1997 when I was driving to my first appointment my life was to be changed forever."

    "I lost control of my car that morning and collided with a very big oak tree. I don't remember how it happened, or much of anything else, although I remember arriving at the hospital - and then nothing, until I woke up seven days later." 

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  • Facility Feature: Kindred Hospital Tucson, Arizona

    By Kindred Healthcare
    khtucsonAt Kindred Healthcare, we consider ourselves fortunate to call Tucson, Arizona one of our homes. Our 51-bed transitional care hospital, located in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, allows us to offer long-term acute care to medically complex patients in the Tucson area. Many of our patients come to us with serious medical conditions that require a coordinated, specialized approach from our dedicated team of professionals. 
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  • Kindred Healthcare: Denver

    By Kindred Healthcare
    Kindred Healthcare: DenverAt Kindred Healthcare, we consider ourselves fortunate to call Denver, Colorado, one of our homes. In the Denver area, Kindred offers services including aggressive care for medically complex patients, intensive care and short-term rehabilitation through two transitional care hospitals, two nursing and rehabilitation centers and home health, hospice, personal home care assistance and in-home physician care services.

    What makes our facilities unique is the pride that comes from bringing patients back to health, in addition to seeing the joy that it brings to their family and friends. What’s more, combining this pride with the great city of Denver makes it easy to see why our employees are so upbeat. Read Full Post
  • Reach Out and Build Consumer Awareness of Case Management

    By Wendy De Vreugd, RN, BSN, PHN, FNP, CCDS, MBA
     Wendy De Vreugd is the Senior Director of Case Management, West Region, Hospital Division. Wendy De Vreugd is the Senior Director of Case Management, West Region, Hospital Division.

    First of all, during the 2013 Case Management Week it is time to express our collective thanks to all our Kindred case managers and show appreciation for their daily dedication, persistence, advocacy and hard work in the care of our complex patients. The empathy that is shown every single day to our patients and families makes a tremendous difference in their lives as they go through their difficult hospital experiences. This week of heightened public awareness also gives us (as case managers) a chance to boost knowledge and share the value of a case manager’s role.

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  • Opportunities Available for Kindred Nurses to Advance Their Education Kindred Healthcare offers multiple resources for nurses to become stronger in their field.

    “We are serious about developing our people. Part of our nurse leadership efforts includes bringing our Chief Clinical Officers and our Directors of Nursing Services to the Support Center. They spend an intensive week getting management and leadership training to bolster their skills,” said Matt Hennecke, Senior Director of Leadership Development at Kindred.

    Kindred is training nurses in healthcare skills and preparing nurses for management roles as well. “We have recently launched and are continuing to develop Kindred University. It is an attempt to develop people throughout the organization not only with professional and technical skills but interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills as well,” said Hennecke.

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  • Staffing Issues in Home Health

    By Leigh White

    I found this article about staffing issues in Home Health to be quite interesting for several reasons:

    1.)   Their definitions of home health vs. home care. We look at “homecare” as being an umbrella term to capture medical home health and non-medical home care, but we may need to rethink this.

    2.)   How we are differentiated by many of our competitors due to the background checks and drug screenings that our employees undergo?

    3.)   Also how we are differentiated by our certification and accreditation?


    Editor's Note: Leigh White is Kindred Healthcare's Senior Director of Communications for the PeopleFirst Homecare and Hospice Division.

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  • Doing Our Part in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s

    By Sophia Kroon

    Kindred has been involved with the Alzheimer’s Association’s “Walk to End Alzheimer’s” on a national level since 2004. Held annually, the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, which is actually a series of walks held across the country, is the nation’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support, and research. “Our centers support the walks throughout their states,” says Lisa Hasecuster, RN, BSN, District Director of Sales Development for Indiana, Kindred Healthcare. “We conduct fundraising activities, and we have teams that participate in the walks.”

    Each center participates in its own fundraising activities. “Some centers will do overnight camps,” says Hasecuster. “Others will do carnivals, silent auctions, or raffles. We’ve done Harley rides and car shows. The centers also do internal fundraising where they request donations from staff and the community.”

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  • Occupational Therapy as a Career

    By Ryan Squire

    Occupational Therapy as a Career Demand for occupational therapists continues to increase as the American population ages. “The skills that are needed in every occupational therapy setting will only increase with the demand,” says Jeanna Conder, MBA, OTR/L, Director, Clinical Operations, RehabCare.

    To help meet the increasing need for skilled occupational therapists, RehabCare has developed a Clinical Ladder program for ongoing training of occupational therapists.

    The program has four levels:

    “The Clinical Ladder program is a very clear pathway for upward mobility based on clinical skills,” says Conder. “Participants have to go through an application and interview process. Each level has different requirements.”

    Requirements may include:

    “The requirements get more stringent with each level,” Conder says.

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  • Investing in Our People

    By Ben Breier, Chief Operating Officer

    Investing in Our People

    For the fourth consecutive year Kindred Healthcare has been named one of the Most Admired Healthcare Companies by Fortune Magazine. We are all proud of our good reputation, but this designation is a direct result of the dedication and hard work our clinicians and caregivers provide each day.

    We work hard to attract and retain outstanding and talented individuals. In order to do so, we believe strongly in investing in our employees’ health, their education and professional growth.  

    As we highlighted in our 2011 Quality and Social Responsibility Report, last year we built upon our commitment to our employees. In 2011, we invested nearly $450 Million in Kindred professionals including $34.7 million in employee training, $2.4 million in tuition reimbursement and over $30 million in employee recognition and bonus programs for non-management employees throughout the year. We believe this contributed to the fact that, once again, retention rates for each division increased last year.

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