• Healthcare in 2012 and beyond has given all of us great challenges and opportunities to meet the needs of our population. Knowing that the fastest growing industry sector in the United States is healthcare at 2.3% per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics), we must continue to enhance our processes and outcomes. This growth can be further broken down into segments with home healthcare services forecasting a 3.9% yearly growth followed close behind by offices outside the traditional hospital setting at 3.0%, nursing and residential care at 1.9% and hospitals at a 1.1% yearly rate. Statistics from 2011 have shown us that 69% of the job growth in 2011 was in the ambulatory service area. According to Bloomberg News in February 2012, healthcare will add more than 5.6 million employees to be the biggest job gainer by 2020.

    Captured 2-23-12 from: http://www.census.gov/prod/cen2010/briefs/c2010br-09.pdf

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  • In an attempt to recruit new therapists, RehabCare, a contract rehabilitation company in Louisville, Ky., developed a free CEU course on orthopedics. The course was held in Chicago on January 24th. “We’re always looking for innovative, creative ways to reach out to therapists and let them know who we are,” says J.D. Miller, recruiter, RehabCare. “We had a need for therapists in the greater Chicago area, and we saw this as an opportunity to attract a large number of therapists so we could get them familiar with our organization.”


    The course was initially planned for 40 participants. “There were 70+ therapists who attended,” Miller says. “Our presenter said it was the biggest turnout she’d ever seen. We had such positive results from the first course that we planned a second one for February 9.” The second event had 43 attendees.

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