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    On Tuesday I had the privilege of listening to a presentation by Dr. Bill Crounse, Microsoft’s Senior Director of Worldwide Health.A former family medicine doc with a background in broadcasting, Dr. Crounse started his talk by showing a cartoon depicting what people in 1925 predicted telemedicine would look like fifty years into the future. He then shared his own experience with his “Dr. Goodwell” program, which he used in the late 1990s to connect patients to their doctor via computer in order to discuss symptoms and begin the process of diagnosis and treatment. In sharing these blasts from the past, Dr. Crounse pointed out that while consumers and physicians were not ready in 1975 or even in the late ‘90s for new technology to play a real role in health care delivery, we are now living in a time that is ripe with opportunities for technology to greatly improve the way we do our work.

    According to Dr. Crounse:

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