• Caregiving is a labor of love, but it can often be just as draining as it is rewarding. Caregivers commonly feel overwhelmed at times by the emotional and physical strain of the responsibility they feel to take the best care of their loved ones. You may be reluctant to admit you could use a break, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. That’s where respite care comes in.

    April Blog Respite Care

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  • Memorial Day weekend is typically associated with celebrations of life for the Hutson family. Andrew Hutson, his sister and his mother, Andrea, all celebrate birthdays around the holiday. During Memorial Day weekend in 2014, Andrea, was on her way to Andrew’s house with his favorite meal, sushi, for his birthday dinner when she saw a terrible wreck. Instantly, she knew their lives would be changed.

    Andrew Hutson with Andrea and Tim Hutson

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  • When you or a loved one leaves a hospital or a nursing and rehabilitation center, recovery does not end, it is just beginning. Keep these five things in mind as a patient or a family member during this critical time of healing.

    plan for your discharge in advance

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  • Easy ways to Make Family Mealtime Part of Your Routine

    By Caroline South

    Whether you are caring for an aging loved one, taking care of your own family or just trying to maximize quality time with family and friends, finding time to sit down and enjoy a home cooked meal can be exhausting. These five tips will show you how to make family mealtime part of your regular routine.


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  • Five Healthy Eating Tips for Senior Adults

    By Melanie Niemann

    As we age, our dietary needs shift and it’s important to change our eating habits. During National Nutrition Month and beyond, focus your attention on making wise food choices you can enjoy. Try the eating right tips in this article as a starting point for a better diet.


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  • Try Gardening to Balance Caregiver Fatigue

    By Maggie Cunningham

    If you are caring for a family member, it is important to get relief from your daily responsibilities. Whether you set aside time to read, exercise or even just take a well-deserved nap, make time to do the activities you love to prevent feelings of frustration and anxiety. One way to break from your routine during the spring time is gardening, keep reading to learn how.


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  • Making healthy eating choices isn’t always easy. As a family caregiver with a busy schedule of working, maintaining household duties and providing care for your loved one, it is even harder. We sat down with Angela Sader, a Registered Dietitian for Kindred, to find out ways you can make better food choices when you’re on-the-go.


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  • Three Simple Steps to Boost the Health of Your Heart

    By Blair Klayko

    Celebrating American Heart Health Month is about increasing awareness of the number one cause of death in Americans. What many people do not know is that most of the conditions related to heart disease are preventable.

    American Heart Health Month

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  • Six Tips for Visiting Loved Ones in Healthcare Facilities

    By Margaret Schmidt

    There are many things to consider when visiting your loved one in a healthcare facility. You may even be planning a visit this holiday season. Here are some useful tips for what to keep in mind to make the most of your time together.

    Check the policy on flowers

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  • Tips for the Family Caregiver

    By Maggie Cunningham

    Being a caregiver for a family member has many challenges, and isn’t always as rewarding as it is tough. Read more to learn how to balance taking care of yourself while taking care of your family member.


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