Smartphones are a great source for entertainment. Facebook, Twitter, Pandora – these are just a few of the most popular apps. The same devices used for entertainment may also help improve your overall health.

Studies show that certain apps on your phone or tablet may actually help people overcome barriers to good health such as organization and understanding the importance of balance. These five apps could help you improve your overall health in 2017. 


  • Sworkit – Which stands for “Simply Work It,” offers a variety of videos and exercises demonstrated by professional personal trainers. Sworkit offers a broad array of more than 200 different work outs to choose from, which is likely why it currently boasts more than 13 million users. This versatile app offers motivation to get started on your fitness journey.  
  • Charity Miles - This app helps you raise money through corporate sponsorships for the charity of your choice, whenever you walk, run or bike. The app measures your distance traveled, and you can earn $.10 per mile for cyclists and $.25 cents per mile for walkers and runners. 


  • MotionX 24/7 - Backed by medical science, this app consistently tracks your activity and monitors sleeping, snoring, apnea, heart rate, weight loss and physical activity during sleep. MotionX 24/7 is able to measure and correlate resting heart rate, sleep cycles with smart alarms and power naps and incorporates “Get Active” alerts to help you get more restful nights of sleep.


  • AllRecipes - You will never be bored of your meal plan with the more than 50,000 recipes at your fingertips in AllRecipes. This app provides meal planning and even assists in creating your grocery list. You can browse the recipe database with filters that can help you sort the results based on dietary needs, time constraints and ingredients your want (or don’t want) included.    


  • Headspace - There are many health benefits to meditation: it’s good for your heart, it helps you sleep better, it creates better eating habits and it even improves relationships. This app is designed to help you learn the basics of meditation through small, guided daily sessions. Whether you would like to focus in on your health or relationships, Headspace can assist in making meditation a regular practice for beginners and intermediate practitioners. 

All of these apps can be downloaded on Apple ioS and Android devices. 

By Taylor Johnson