When Robert Miller, the KHRS Director in Michigan, read the words a colleague had penned for an inspirational song, he was moved to write a poem that echoed similar feelings and provided inspiration from a different point of view. When he was done, he shared it with others. “After I sent the email I got a response from a PD in California whom I have never met,” Robert said. “She thanked me for the words and said her team needed inspiration as they were extremely fatigued and have had additional struggles with COVID.”

A Poem from McLaren Northern Michigan

“The poem I wrote came from a place that I think we as care providers have all found ourselves,” Robert shared. “There’s one line in my colleague’s song that says that ‘it feels like dying’ (which I interpreted as giving up) and it sparked a thought. I was hesitant at first to send the poem, but thought if I felt I needed to write it, maybe someone needed to hear it. Then after hearing from Kathi in Northern California, I think it was worth it. We all wear the same jersey.  Inspiration can quite literally go a long way.

We’re tired but unbroken
Our merry comes back around
Simply put, we are the fighters
Who marry feet to solid ground
We alone cannot move a mountain
But we can summit its peak
That is how we rise, one more step
No matter the ache or how weak
Silence in not always quiet
What’s loud cannot always be heard
Of the thought we feel like dying
No thought is more absurd
We climb with those trapped in silence
We climb with those unheard
We are the finders of strength
To say otherwise would be absurd
Everyone here is dying
No one here is weak
One lends strength to another
That’s how we summit the peak
We are Kindred spirits
To those we walk with across this ground
We’ll do it until we can no longer
We bring the merry back around

Robert C. Miller
Director of Rehabilitation
McLaren Northern Michigan

By Kindred