• Many associate the holidays with time spent with loved ones. When your family makeup has changed dramatically due to loss, excitement surrounding the holidays can often turn to anxiety and even grief. Learn about strategies that can help you navigate this new normal.

    Comfort of Light During the Holidays

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  • Hospice Care: What You May Not Know

    By Blair Klayko

    Hospice care is commonly misunderstood, but many patients and their families say they wish they had chosen hospice sooner in order to get the maximum benefit from the specialized services offered. While no one wants to think of this care until they have to, it’s important to learn what hospice care really is and how it can help before you actually need it.

    16Nov Hospice

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  • Hospice care is not only for the patient, it is for the whole family. A team of doctors, nurses, social workers, spiritual care coordinators, family and volunteers work together with the goal of improving the quality of life for both patients and family. Hospice volunteers are an essential part of providing support, and the process is mutually rewarding and beneficial for both volunteer and recipient.

    Blog Image - Emily and Sylvia

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