Success Stories


Just Wanted to Get Better and Learn to Walk Again

Adrian is a single mother with two boys under the age of ten and she works in online quality control for a major automotive manufacturer. Her passion is spending time with her children and Adrian devotes her free time and attention to them. Earlier this year she was involved in a horrific accident when her car was hit by an 18-wheeler. She was fortunately able to be extricated from her car alive and then rushed to the ER where surgeons immediately began to work to first save her life and then her legs.

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Emil Could Barely Walk From One Room to Another – Now He’s Going Home Again

Emil came to Kindred Rehab Hospital Clear Lake to continue his recovery from chronic pulmonary illness that he believes was brought on from many years of exposure to toxic chemicals and asbestos at the refinery where he worked.

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A Workplace Explosion Nearly Claimed His Life – Now He's Looking Forward to the Future

George is a process mechanic who was involved in a horrendous work place accident. “I was at work one day when there was a sudden explosion,” George shared. “The blast nearly killed me – it broke 9 bones in my body – including my hips.”

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Story of Recovery After a Work Accident

Each of us starts the workday with a general idea of how the day is going to go. But Kevin, a young man working at a factory in Texas, went in to work one morning not knowing that his life was about to change. When a crane mat was not securely fastened and toppled over in an accident at a welding factory, Kevin was crushed and severely injured.

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