Success Stories


“With the great care I received at Kindred I was able to turn this around.”

Anthony developed severe difficulty breathing and had to be rushed by paramedics to the ER.

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“It feels so good to use my legs again.”

Maria was expecting a child when she began to develop the tell-tale signs of a COVID-19 infection, which was verified when she was admitted to an acute care hospital. Her condition rapidly worsened and she had to be placed on a ventilator and underwent an emergency C-section to deliver her baby.

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“I did it and got myself a ticket back home!”

Berenice lived at home when she began to develop shortness of breath.

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“It was a rough road and I don’t remember much before coming to Kindred.”

When James began having severe difficulty breathing he called 911, and was found unresponsive in his home by EMS personnel.

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“It was great to be surprised by a visit from Larry!”

Larry was admitted to a general hospital and had to be placed on a ventilator when he contracted COVID-19.

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“I am so happy to be going home.”

Manuel was admitted to Kindred Hospital Sycamore after being at an acute care facility for treatment due to COVID-19.

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