Success Stories


“My stay here has been awesome – full of love and care.”

Judy lives at home with her husband and was enjoying her life until she suffered a severe injury that resulted in the dislocation of both her left elbow and of her leg at the hip joint, which also sustained a fracture.

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“They helped me through every stage of my recovery.”

Tommy was taken to the hospital when he became extremely ill and developed acute respiratory failure. Physicians found him to be suffering from septic shock and an advanced case of pneumonia and his recovery would be further complicated by the fact that he was unable to breathe on his own and needed to be placed on a ventilator.

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“Thank you Kindred! It’s nice to have my life back to normal.”

Albert, a diabetic, was admitted to the outpatient wound clinic at Kindred Hospital Dallas when he developed a foot ulcer that caused a bone infection.

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After a heart transplant, Scott faced a long road to his recovery.

When Scott had a heart transplant, his recovery plan became more complicated when he developed acute respiratory failure and had a heart seizure. He was transferred from the ICU at the hospital where he had his surgery over 6 months prior to Kindred Hospital Dallas for recovery and rehabilitation.

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“All of us are grateful to you for helping him get better.”

Kingsley began experiencing profound general weakness and went to the hospital, an event that marked the beginning of a long series of readmissions and several visits to the ER.

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“I've been treated with the utmost respect.”

Joseph lived at home with his son when he began to feel ill. When his condition got worse and he began to feel dizzy, he went to the ER, and while waiting to be taken in for examination he passed out.

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