Improved Outcomes, Reduced Readmissions, Lower Costs

Kindred Transitional Care Hospitals have had great success in reducing readmissions to acute care hospitals. In fact, most of our patients discharge home or to a lower level of care to continue their journey toward recovery and independence.

Achieving High Quality Performance…

  • In 2017, we improved patient ventilator wean rates to 52%
  • In 2017, we reduced hospital readmission rates to 8%

To Improve the Patient Experience…

  • Online reviews for Kindred Hospitals increased by more than 33% in 2017 as compared to the previous year, with 90% of all reviews being positive.
  • Our hospitals have earned an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars

To Make Recovery Possible...

Doctors originally told Jayson that his wife of over 20 years had only days left to live after contracting pneumonia. But with help from the amazing team at Kindred, they never gave up hope and Diana was able to get her life back. Watch how she went from being dependent on a ventilator to breathe to dancing with her husband again.

When Antoinette came to Kindred, she was unable to walk, talk, eat or breathe on her own. Recently, she came back to visit us. And she walked in cane-free to visit those who helped her regain those abilities. "You need to have your family or somebody around you that you know cares. And when my family couldn't be here, that's what Kindred did," she said.

George was seriously injured in an explosion that riddled his body with shrapnel and resulted in the breaking of nine bones. With the help of therapists, nurses and physicians at Kindred -- as well as his love of music -- George recovered to the fullest extent.

Ed was in a devastating motorcycle accident that left him virtually immobilized. His goal was to get home for his annual July 4 family barbecue, and he made it -- with the help of Kindred's interdisciplinary team of caregivers.

When Patrick’s Cardiologist told him he needed a new aortic valve, he went forward with the surgery. Unfortunately, the doctor then discovered that Patrick had suffered a series of strokes and the doctor did not yet know the extent of the damage. Patrick's goal changed from recovering from heart surgery to dealing with brain surgery.