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  • Healthcare Headlines: September 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    AHA Proposes Additional CMS Actions To Reduce Regulatory Burden

    The AHA has proposed additional actions that CMS could take immediately "to reduce the regulatory burden on hospitals, health systems and the patients that we serve." The proposed actions range from suspending the hospital star ratings and eliminating the “96-hour rule” to modifying Medicare conditions of participation to allow hospitals to recommend post-acute care providers. Read more

    Older Adults Want Telehealth, And MA Is Poised To Expand Its Use

    New study shows that an estimated 25 million people older than 65 are willing to use telehealth. According to the study, there are 3 primary reasons why seniors prefer telehealth over traditional office visits. However, the study also found that some senior citizens still prefer in-person care over telehealth. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: August 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Physicians See More Pay Tied To Patient Satisfaction And Outcomes

    New analysis shows physician practices are seeing more of their pay and bonuses based on “value-based metrics such as patient satisfaction and outcome measures” – a trend anticipated to continue as health insurance companies and the federal government move away from fee-for-service reimbursement. See how this evolution is changing pay. Read more

    Telemedicine Is Poised To Grow As Its Popularity Increases Among Physicians And Patients

    Recent report found that telemedicine was worth about $38.3 billion in 2018, and is projected to grow to $130.5 billion by 2025. Studies are starting to show the impact on physicians' jobs, and on the healthcare workforce in general, with more doctors self-reporting the skill and more patient visits conducted using the technology. Learn more about the implications of this growing technology. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: July 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    The Importance Of Data In Value-Based Care, And How To Maximize It

    Recent Accenture analysis projects value-based care will account for 59% of healthcare payments by 2020, up from 34% in 2017. Know the implications. Read more

    CMS To No Longer Exclude Medicare ACOs From BPCI Advanced Savings

    CMS announces expansion within their advanced bundled payment model – program benefits to soon apply to all beneficiaries – as part of the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: June 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Precision Medicine: Getting The Data Creates A Challenge For Physicians

    Complexities around getting and interpreting clinical data are stalling physicians’ efforts to move from evidenced-based to precision medicine. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: May 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    48 States Use Value-Based Care And Payment Models, Study Shows

    New study shows value-based care and payment programs have launched in nearly all states. Not only did the study find that 48 states have now implemented them, compared to just six in 2013 and 16 in 2014, but the last 5 years have seen the most significant growth in prevalence. Read more

    Improve Medication Reconciliation, Post-Acute Handoff Using 2-Part Discharge Checklist

    Research by the Cleveland Clinic shows the importance of communication and care coordination between providers as patients move between facilities to avoid medication errors and costly readmissions. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: April 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Sepsis Treatment Costs Shoot Up $1.5 Billion For Hospitals Over 3 Years

    New report by Premier found the cost of treating patients who develop sepsis in the hospital rose by 20% in just 3 years. Most interesting, the number of patients who developed sepsis declined by 15%, but spending increased significantly as those patients were more likely to get septic shock, which is more severe and therefore more costly to treat. Read more

    Doctors Need To Do Better At Talking To Families About Critically Ill Patients

    Recent study monitored 244 conferences between clinicians and families of patients in intensive care units who have at least a 50% chance of dying in the hospital. The findings concluded that these conversations could be improved through more recognition of the patients’ values and preferences. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: March 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Physicians Generate $2.4M Annually for Their Hospitals, Study Finds

    Recent survey shows that physicians generate an average of $2,378,727 per year in net revenue for their affiliated hospitals. Read more

    Study: Physician Burnout, Work-Life Integration Improving

    Latest report indicates physician burnout and satisfaction with work-life integration improved between 2014 and 2017, but not all aspects studied saw gains each year. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: February 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Community Hospitals Link Arms With Prestigious Facilities To Raise Their Profiles

    Many flagship hospitals have signed affiliation agreements with smaller hospitals around the country. The larger hospitals benefit from increased reach while the community hospitals get the brand-name affiliation and access to experts and specialized services. Read more

    Primary Care Visits Within 7 Days Of Discharge Linked To Fewer Readmissions

    According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, patients who see a primary care physician within one week of a hospital discharge have lower readmission rates. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: January 2019

    By Kindred Healthcare

    ACO Roundup: CMS Finalizes Rule To Make ACOs Take On More Risk

    Catch up on the latest news regarding ACOs you may have missed over the holidays, including CMS’ announcement it would force Medicare-accountable care organizations to assume downside risk sooner. Read more

    How A Computer Model Can Help Control MRSA Outbreaks In Hospitals

    According to a study in eLife, a computer-based model could help hospitals control outbreaks of MRSA and identify those patients who have a higher risk of being infected. Read more

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  • Healthcare Headlines: December 2018

    By Kindred Healthcare

    Do Concerns About Costs Impact ICU Care?

    Findings in a new study suggest that financial considerations can shape care of ICU patients. Increased prevalence of cost discussions were found in patient notes the longer the hospital stay of a patient in the ICU and when there was a change in treatment or discharge plans. Read more

    93% of participants earned a MIPS bonus payment this year. (But it could be harder next year)

    CMS Administrator Seema Verma recently announced that 93% of clinicians eligible to participate in MACRA's Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) received a bonus payment for the 2017 performance year. Read more

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