• She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis - a degenerative and deadly lung disease - when she was only three months old, but that never stopped Tara and she always lived her life to the fullest. She finally received a double-lung transplant on New Year's Day - and although the road to recovery has been incredibly challenging, she has never wavered in her determination to get her life back. This is her story.

    "I've been incredibly fortunate to have been able to do so much during my life, even with the burden of CF (cystic fibrosis)" Tara shared. "I did all the normal kid things, grew up, played soccer in college, got a BS in Math, and oh yeah! I met my husband on the UC Davis double-decker bus - he was the driver and I was the conductor. We saw each other in the mirror, went on a date and well, the rest is history as they say!"

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  • The story of Dr. Al Sindi is a remarkable narrative of perseverance, support and recovery. His wife, Dr. Eman, shared it with us on the day before her husband was to be discharged.

    "My husband had spinal surgery in April of 2015. After the procedure, he was highly functional and everything looked like it was going well, until he had an embolic stroke not long afterwards. He lost all function and developed serious complications, including sepsis" said Dr. Eman. "He was admitted to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where he had extensive surgical treatment to stabilize his condition - which couldn't have been more serious as he was completely disabled by the stroke."

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  • Nana and Arthur - The Patient Caregiver Connection

    By Maggie Cunningham

    nana4Nana Adabie was a relatively new nurse when Arthur was admitted to Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation -- Lawton in San Francisco. Arthur was under her care while he recovered from a below-the-knee amputation as well as from an infection he had incurred. As it would turn out, while Nana was helping Arthur recover and gain strength to go home, Arthur was helping Nana grow as a nurse, and gain confidence.

    "I had been working here for a few months as a brand new nurse... but Arthur still managed to make me feel like a very great nurse," Nana recollected. "He was so positive in everything that he did. So positive, that I felt like his energy flowed throughout the whole facility."

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  • Gayle and the Knights of Gentiva

    By Maggie Cunningham

    On October 9th, I was handed an envelope. In it was a story - a patient's story.

    "Life is a celebration of that which we can do, not a requiem for which we cannot do," the story began. "Goals are the results toward which our efforts are directed."

    The letter, handwritten by former patient Gayle, continued…

    Gayle tells the full story of her recovery, beginning with the moment her left arm started to lose feeling. She went through a multitude of tests, x-rays and MRIs which culminated in a cervical surgery the day before her daughter's birthday. The surgery, although successful, was painful for Gayle, and she went home after spending three days in the intensive care unit. 

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  • Heart Attack Recovery: Matt's Story

    By Maggie Cunningham

    Matt Maloney was shoveling snow when he started experiencing chest pains. With a family history of coronary artery disease, his primary care physician sent him in for a stress test. Matt was diagnosed with sudden Myocardial Infarction and was rushed into surgery for emergency coronary bypass grafting. During that procedure, he developed pulmonary edema, an excess of fluid in the lungs.

    Matt had developed acute respiratory distress syndrome, and now required prolonged mechanical ventilation and a tracheostomy. When he left the ICU, he was transferred to Kindred Hospital Heritage Valley where he could be successfully weaned from the ventilator while also monitoring his kidney dialysis.    

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  • Encouragement to Inspiration: Ashley's Story

    By Maggie Cunningham

    After Ashley came home from her freshman year in college, she made a trip to the doctor. A high cortisol level led to more testing, which led to the discovery of a tumor on her pituitary gland. This was found to be the cause of her high cortisol levels, and she was officially diagnosed with Cushing’s disease. Ashley soon went in for surgery to remove the tumor, which was successful, but with a cost. 

    During the surgery, a blood clot formed that eventually made its way to her lungs. She developed respiratory failure, sepsis, and pneumonia along with ARDS, a severe inflammation of the lungs, according to Sarmad Ashfaq, MD, of Kindred Hospital Heritage Valley, where Ashley was transferred to after surgery for long-term acute care.

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  • Determination and Hope: Josephine's Story

    By Jennifer Brink

    Josephine is originally from the East Coast. She and her husband moved to California where they raised their son, who gave them two grandchildren to share their love. Josephine was a very successful registered nurse and became the director over a large nursing agency covering Los Angeles and Orange County. 

    Prior to being admitted to Kindred Hospital Brea, Josephine lived in an assisted living facility with her husband.  Sadly, her husband passed but Josephine still lovingly refers to him as being her “biggest supporter”. 

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  • Home for the Holidays: Jeanine Hess

    By Kindred Healthcare
    jhesshfthJeanine Hess is an 86 year old woman who was referred by her Primary Care Physician to Gentiva Home Health due to generalized decline in lower extremity strength and functional mobility. She was evaluated by physical therapy and was placed in our 'Safe Strides' balance program.


    She was also evaluated by occupational therapy. During the evaluation, Jeanine disclosed that she missed her dog terribly.  Her family had taken the dog out of her apartment as they felt that Jeanine was at a risk of falling.  Each morning Jeanine would take her dog outside to do it's 'business' and was often rushing to accomplish this task.  

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  • johna2Pete Gregg woke up to his wife, Johna Gregg, 23, screaming. Once he turned on the light, it became apparent she was having a grand mal seizure. The first hospital the Greggs visited claimed Johna was having an anxiety attack due to a mental breakdown and transferred Johna to a mental hospital. Upon arrival at the mental facility, the medical professionals realized there was indeed more to her story, and Johna was once again transferred - this time 80 miles away from home.

    Johna's health had deteriorated, and by the time she arrived at Ruby Memorial she was in a coma. After another treacherous grand mal seizure, she coded and was intubated. When Johna was diagnosed with Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, Pete became worried he may lose her and was saddened by the moments his wife was missing at home, like their son's first steps. Johna woke up from her coma after two months and was transferred to Kindred Hospital Pittsburgh, 150 miles away from home, to continue her recovery.

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  • The Fear of Falling - Fall Risk Assessment

    By Leslie Leite

    It's quite common for older adults to experience falls or to limit their activities because they are afraid of falling, but we shouldn't just accept falling as a normal part of aging, according to Jane Painter-Patton, Ed.D, a professor at East Carolina University's College of Allied Health Sciences in the Occupational Therapy Department.

    In her presentation Wednesday at the Kindred 2015 Clinical Impact Symposium, Painter-Patton gave tips to clinicians and encouraged them to work as a team with other specialists as they deal with the complex issues relating to falls in older adults.

    Despite addressing large audiences, both Painter-Patton's presentation and the reaction panel discussion that followed felt very much like advice one clinician might give to a colleague, one-on-one. The participants weren't just speaking at the audience or discussing abstracts, they were speaking directly to every clinician in the room, giving practical, actionable advice that could be implemented successfully in the real world. 

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