• Opportunities Available for Kindred Nurses to Advance Their Education Kindred Healthcare offers multiple resources for nurses to become stronger in their field.

    “We are serious about developing our people. Part of our nurse leadership efforts includes bringing our Chief Clinical Officers and our Directors of Nursing Services to the Support Center. They spend an intensive week getting management and leadership training to bolster their skills,” said Matt Hennecke, Senior Director of Leadership Development at Kindred.

    Kindred is training nurses in healthcare skills and preparing nurses for management roles as well. “We have recently launched and are continuing to develop Kindred University. It is an attempt to develop people throughout the organization not only with professional and technical skills but interpersonal, managerial and leadership skills as well,” said Hennecke.

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  • Dietitian Louise Spate Celebrates 40 Years at Kindred

    By Kindred Healthcare


     Louise Spate Louise Spate


    Louise Spate loves challenges – which is exactly what she found in her 40-year career with Kindred.

    Her parents, who were both teachers, encouraged her to study nutrition because she always loved cooking for her large family. She fondly remembers baking a birthday cake at age 8 for her grandmother. After college, she initially worked at a hospital, but left to become a multi-facility consultant in 1973 for a Massachusetts long-term care organization that would eventually become part of the Kindred network.

    “I said I would leave when I got bored, but I never did,” says Spate. “I love when someone asks me to do something I’ve never done before, and I figure out how to get it accomplished.”

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  • CNA With 44 Years at Kindred Nursing Center Loves Her Job

    By Kindred Healthcare

     Peggy McFarland, CNA Peggy McFarland, CNA

    Peggy McFarland moved to Louisville about 45 years ago and went to work in a shirt factory.

    “But that didn’t last long,” she said. “I was looking for another job, and a friend told me they were hiring at the nursing center where she worked. She told me to apply, I did, they called, and here I am.”

    That was 44 years ago and McFarland has been at Kindred Nursing and Rehabilitation – Bashford ever since. She started as a nursing aide. Now, as a Certified Nursing Assistant, she works with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in the center’s Reflections Unit.

    Ask her to describe her duties, and she’ll tell you the basics.

    “I take them to the bathroom, help them get dressed, feed them and put them to bed,” she says.

    But ask her about the people she cares for and her voice gets softer and more personal.

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  • Honoring Our Speech Language Pathologists

    By Kindred Healthcare
    Honoring Our Speech Language Pathologists Each May, we recognize Better Hearing and Speech Month to honor and thank the speech language pathologists who work for us and celebrate their accomplishments. SLPs take the lead in caring for language, speaking and hearing disorders that often afflict our patients. Our SLPs most frequently treat patients with dysphagia, a disorder that affects the physical and/or sensory aspects of swallowing, and aphasia, a language disorder resulting from brain damage. SLPs are uniquely trained to assess the problems affecting communication and swallowing, design a rehabilitation program and motivate the patient through rehabilitation. An SLP can teach compensatory strategies in areas where communication or swallowing function may not be regained.


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  • Cleveland Nurse Puts the Care in Long-Term Care

    By Kindred Healthcare
    Cleveland Nurse Puts the Care in Long-Term Care A close, long-lasting relationship with the nurse-midwife who delivered her daughter inspired Marvalyn Drayton, RN, BSN, to pursue a career in nursing herself, and to focus on long-term care.


    “When you are comfortable with the person you are seeing long-term, they become your family,” she said.

    When she graduated from nursing school nearly four years ago, Marvalyn, 28, took a job with Kindred Hospital Cleveland, and has never looked back. She was recently promoted to nurse supervisor.

    “Because our patients are here long-term, I really get to know them, and I love that part of my job,” she said. “When something is wrong, I know it, because I know them so well.”

    There are challenges as well, but addressing them and rising to them can have its own rewards, Marvalyn said.

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