• Sometimes the worst things happen when we least expect it, and often, when we’re in a hurry to get something done. This was the case for Wayne Martin, when he had an unexpected encounter with a cow during calving season. Read Full Post
  • In a recent visit to see a patient, “James,” Fred Waters strolled in with one hand behind his back, awkwardly concealing a 36” X 24” painting. Fred, a Radiology Tech at Kindred Hospital St. Louis, said he was delivering on his promise to cheer the patient up and then presented a Star Trek-themed painting he created especially for James, a Trekie fan. He even promised additional art for James’ “man cave” at home. Read Full Post
  • As the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc along the east coast and mid-Atlantic region last spring, Lancaster Rehabilitation Hospital in southeastern Pennsylvania became one of the first Kindred facilities to accept COVID-recovering and more complex patients to help take some of the stress off of ICUs at local hospitals. Read Full Post
  • Donna Crowley, Unit Secretary at Kindred Hospital St. Louis South, is occasionally referred to as the hospital’s “hub” as she constantly deals with doctors and employees, schedules appointments and patients’ family calls, makes sure food services are stocked and nurses stations orderly, and in her “free” time, comforts those in need. Read Full Post
  • When Robert Miller, the KHRS Director in Michigan, read the words a colleague had penned for an inspirational song, he was moved to write a poem that echoed similar feelings and provided inspiration from a different point of view. When he was done he shared it with others. “After I sent the email I got a response from a PD in California whom I have never met,” Robert said. “She thanked me for the words and said her team needed inspiration as they were extremely fatigued and have had additional struggles with COVID.” Read Full Post
  • medalertheader

    Every day, patients are brought into emergency rooms or other medical scenarios. Often, depending on their symptoms and situations, they are unable to let the clinicians know certain medical information that may be critical to their care and recovery. As medical providers, Kindred Healthcare and our clinicians are familiar with patients' medical information as it pertains to charts, patient interactions and patient advocates. While our facilities generally don't operate typical emergency room settings, we understand the benefits of having your medical information on hand in case of emergency.

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  • When you are injured or ill, you may need rehabilitation services to help reach your fullest recovery potential. Rehabilitation helps to improve your body’s functions, and there are variety of different care settings available depending on your medical condition. Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals (also known as IRFs) are for patients who need a higher level of care and more intense occupational, physical and speech therapy.

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  • Cold Weather and COPD

    Do you experience a shortness of breath from cold air? If you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), you might find your symptoms worsen when you are outdoors in winter weather. COPD is characterized by limitation of airflow to and from the lungs. It is generally progressive, meaning it can worsen over time. According to the latest estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), 64 million people currently have COPD and 3.17 million people died from COPD in 2015, equal to 5% of all deaths globally that year. Many people who suffer from COPD acknowledge that harsh winds and frigid air can result in wheezing and breathlessness, which can be frightening and sometimes dangerous. Cold air can be irritating and drying to the mouth and airway passages, and can trigger or intensify symptoms for those suffering from COPD. Read Full Post
  • Black History Month 2021

    By The Members of Kindred’s Inclusion and Equity Council

    In February, we celebrate Black History Month in the United States. This is our opportunity to recognize the contributions made by Black Americans who have helped shape our country’s history, growth and culture. Black history is American history.

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  • A New Mindset for 2021

    2020, a year of unprecedented challenges and hardships, has finally come to a close. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our economy, our physical health and our mental well-being. Rates of anxiety and depression have skyrocketed while we struggle with loneliness and isolation. People are more stressed than ever and we’re seeing alarming rates of substance abuse. Read Full Post