As Father’s Day approaches, we asked a few Kindred employees to share their favorite things about their dads. Reflecting on memories and traditions helps us all remember why we set aside a special day to honor our fathers once a year:

J Roberts

What’s one of your best memories of your dad?

When I was young I really, really wanted to play softball. But, my mom thought the gloves and equipment were too expensive, so my dad secretly saved back some cash and bought me all the equipment, including a really awesome glove that he oiled and softened well before he gave it to me. I loved that glove.” – Jessica Roberts, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, Kindred Rehabilitation Services


What were your favorite things to do with your father growing up?

I grew up in Colombia near the ocean, and all of my favorite memories of him revolve around trips to beaches, islands and beach towns. He would often take us to the beach very early in the morning before the sun would rise where he would go fishing with my cousin. My brother and I would roam the rocky beach and search for shells. He loved the Caribbean, so there are many memories with him tied to the ocean, the sun, eating fish, plantains and fruit by the side of the road – and walking to the car happy, filthy with sand and skin toasted by the sun.” – Rosie Felfle, Senior Designer, Creative Services


As an adult, what’s your favorite way to spend time with dad?

“When I moved away to college, I began to cherish every moment that I had with my Dad. I tried to make each and every moment with him a memorable one during the little time I had with him during the holidays or over break. As we began to spend time in various ways, I learned about one of his pastimes: bowling. Ever since then, we began this little tradition of going bowling when I am in town. This has developed into one of my favorite ways to spend time with him and made me realize where I get my competitiveness from.” – Piotr Gorecki, Kindred Rehab Student Programs Intern


What are healthy ways to spend time with dad this Father’s Day?

This Father’s Day, remember that one of the best things you can give dad is time spent together! Here are a few healthy activities you both can enjoy: 

  •  Make your dad a healthy breakfast
  • Go bowling
  • Take a day trip somewhere to explore a park or go for a hike
  • Visit a local park
  • Hit the driving range
  • Go for a swim (don’t forget sunscreen)

 What are some of your favorite ways to spend time with your fathers? We would love to hear them!

By Margaret Schmidt