Technology continues to advance with the aim of making life easier, especially when you are caring for a loved one. But every time you turn around, there are more gadgets and apps to keep up with. We’ve researched the most significant new developments that c an benefit you and your loved ones.

Home security

Home security. Home security systems have evolved to incorporate cell phones and tablets so users can control security no matter where they are. If your loved ones live in a different city, have a discussion about setting up a shared security system. Being able to check in on them and help them remember to set alarms and lock doors will give everyone peace of mind and ensure a higher level of safety in the home.

ride sharing services

On-demand ride sharing services. In addition to ensuring your loved ones are safe no matter how far away you are, there is also technology you can share to make life easier and more convenient. On demand ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft can help someone who no longer drives to get around if family members or friends aren’t available to help.

On-demand shopping services

On-demand shopping services. Amazon has recently expanded the list of products that can be ordered using their dash buttons service. Dash buttons are placed in the home, and, when pressed, place an order for the item the button is associated with. These buttons connect to over 250 household items including laundry detergent, toothpaste, and batteries.

With an Amazon Prime account, the items will automatically ship to your home whenever you push the button. This can make life much easier for a loved one who has a difficult time getting to the store or has trouble remembering which brands they need to purchase.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality. Last year, virtual reality gained popularity as it became more available to consumers. Tech experts predict that VR will only continue to grow in popularity as it becomes available to more people for less money. While VR is still in the early stages, some tech companies are developing ways to use it to make exercise more enjoyable from inside the home. Blue Goji lets users hook up an elliptical to their virtual reality device to play games and connect with other users while they exercise. While most VR devices run upwards of $100 today, be on the lookout for less expensive versions to hit the market this year.

Keeping in touch

Keeping in touch. One gift the internet has given us is the ability to connect with people all over the world. No matter where you are, you can use the internet to keep in touch with your loved ones. Applications for your phone and/or tablet like FaceTime and Skype allow you to video chat with others. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat allow you to send pictures, chat and keep up with friends. Take the time to help older loved ones download these apps and show them how to use them. Everyone in the family will be grateful for the opportunity to connect when you can’t physically be together.

By Caroline South