Sharing your story of caring for a loved one can help you relate to others experiencing a similar journey. It’s not always easy, but caregivers are both proud of their care and happy to do it. We reached out to you, real caregivers, and have collected some of your incredible journeys to share with each other to connect. This is Sharon’s story from her point of view.

My name is Sharon and I’m Jerome’s wife of 54 years and we have a beautiful family and we’ve been through a lot.

Jerome was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus 15 years ago. Since then, he has suffered from swelling, burning, difficulty in walking, numbness, skin discoloration, and chronic pain in his leg and foot. After incurring a foot ulcer to his left foot, Jerome underwent surgery.

image of Sharon and her husband dancing

When this started we thought it was just a small infection, and it just blossomed into an outrageous experience with surgery and nursing care and not being able to do half the things he could do before.

It was one thing after another when they thought he had worsened we couldn’t go see anybody and we thought we were really in trouble with that and I think he received as good of medical care as he could, but unfortunately, I don’t know that every doctor was informed with what was going on and that was kind of scary.

It was then that Jerome was referred to Kindred at Home.

He was very relaxed and feeling much more sure when Pedro came. I could see he would encourage him, change his bandage, it seemed like there was never an end to what was going on with that foot. He would see it and tell us not good, you are not having a good day, or you are a great improvement. We really trusted his knowledge more so than we did the doctor’s.

He became part of the family. Pedro was kind and caring and he never missed a time to come and see us; we have never had a better experience with nursing, and we have had a lot of experience in nursing.

With a significant amount of time and effort, Sharon and Jerome began seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

People have real terminal illnesses, and this isn’t what I would consider a death threat of any kind. You don’t realize that if you lose the ability to use one foot, what it does to your everyday living. It absolutely changes what you are thinking about doing. We are just so thrilled that he is able to walk or go to the mall. He takes his cane and we are happy to be up and running again.

I can’t thank Kindred enough for the fine service, whenever Pedro was unable to come, they would send someone equal to his skill and that was very encouraging. We have faith in anyone and we would recommend them to anyone that this is the place to go.

Although the healing process was a long one, Sharon says that she would not have done it any differently.

You just have to have a lot of patience. I myself have been through many situations, and I always believe in faith and accept what God gives you, and what life alters you, and that’s just the way it is. There is no use in getting upset, because you aren’t going to change it.

Sharon and Jerome say they owe it all to Kindred for being where they are today.

I am just thankful we found them, Kindred. Out of all the companies that we’ve been in touch with, they were absolutely the best.

For better or for worse, you have no choice what happens to your life, and we had the full support of Kindred, our children, family and friends, and each other.

If you would like to share your story of caring for a loved one with us, email If you are a caregiver or patient in need of healthcare advice, please call 1-866-KINDRED, where a Registered Nurse can answer questions 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

By Taylor Johnson