Wounds from surgeries, illnesses or accidents can sometimes take a long time to heal, and slow-healing or complex wounds can cause a great deal of stress and discomfort – both for the patient and loved ones caring for them.

It’s important to receive the right care and rehabilitation from wound care specialists who can help plan the most effective types of treatment available. Advanced therapeutic therapies like hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) and wound vacuums can speed the healing process and allow people to recover more quickly and regain their quality of life.

Elizabeth Shares Her Story

Elizabeth came to the Kindred Hospital Tarrant County – Fort Worth Southwest Outpatient Wound Clinic wound clinic when her surgical site would not heal due to an infection that was resistant to conventional treatments.

“Within the first month my wound had healed significantly, and after such a long time struggling I was heartened by the progress we were making,” Elizabeth shared. “I was in very bad shape when I first came here and I’m now completely healed – to be able to walk out and back into my life at 100% is a miracle for me. I credit the entire team with helping me complete my healing journey – your knowledge and compassion made this possible, thank you all!”

How Advanced Technology Helps Wounds Heal Faster

Advanced Technology Helps Healing

“Hyperbaric oxygen wound therapy involves placing a patient inside a sealed chamber into which pure oxygen is delivered at a higher pressure than regular room air during the treatment,” Tomiko Washington, director of the Kindred Outpatient Wound Clinic in Fort Worth, explained. “This helps wounds to heal more quickly and reduces the length of recovery time. Sometimes complex wounds, like diabetic foot ulcers, can take up to three months or even more to heal. Our goal is to expedite the healing process so that patients can get back to their lives as quickly as possible.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is especially effective for patients who are recovering from certain types of wounds such as:

  • Diabetic foot and leg ulcers
  • Ulcers from lack of blood flow
  • Compromised skin flaps/grafts
  • Late effects of radiation
  • Chronic bone infections
  • Crush injuries
  • Non-healing skin grafts or surgical flaps
  • Internal injuries or open wounds from radiation therapy
  • Bone infection (osteomyelitis)

The Outpatient Wound Clinic in Houston is the largest in the state and helps patients recover more quickly.

How Advanced Technology Helps Wounds Heal Faster Hyperbaric

“We provide comprehensive advanced wound care to patients that are referred to us when their wounds are healing too slowly or aren’t healing properly,” Tomiko said. “When we first see a new patient we assess their wound and develop a treatment plan to make sure we use the most effective combination of therapies, including hyperbaric oxygen chambers.”

“We have added a physician to our panel of therapists and also additional equipment – we now have three state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers that allow us to help from 15 to 20 patients each day. The HBO treatment typically lasts about two hours, and a patient will usually receive about 30 treatments.”

Advanced wound care at Kindred Hospitals is overseen by a team of specialists that can include surgeons, physicians, therapists and nurses. Our aim is to help patients recover, regain their quality of life, and be able to return to their lives and communities. To find out more or of if you or a loved one need advanced wound care, please call 1.866.KINDRED (1.866.546.3733).

By Mel Bearns