Patients will tell you Sivaprasad Parnam, or “Dr. Siva” as they call him, is an expert clinician, motivator and listener who will successfully push you to achieve your recovery goals.

Co-workers say the doctor of physical therapy and Director for Rehabilitation Services at Westminster Village in Lafayette, Indiana knows all of the tricks of the trade yet seeks out any new or improved practices and is committed to teaching them to his fellow therapists.

And at least one doctor who refers patients to Siva trusts his abilities so much that she saw him herself when her own injuries required his expertise.

Dr. Siva

“My patients have often reported how much they have benefited from his knowledge, skill, and expertise,” wrote Dr. Sarette Zawadsky as part of a nomination of Siva for Kindred Healthcare LLC’s 2018 Paul Diaz Caring Award. “In this last year, I sustained a physical injury. I then personally had the opportunity to benefit from his care, his thoroughness, and from his many kindnesses as a healer and a friend.”

Siva was one of approximately 90 Kindred Healthcare caregivers nominated for the company’s highest honor in 2018. His efforts embody the spirit of the award that honors those that go above and beyond for their patients to promote hope, healing and recovery.

In one of the nominations of Siva for the award, Arielle Zawadsky-Weist, a fellow RehabCare employee working with Siva as a physical therapy assistant at Westminster Village, described instances of former patients coming back to the facility to thank Siva for helping them recover. She said not only does Siva use his expertise to help heal his patients, he also educates them about their pathology and gives them tools such as information and exercises so that they can help themselves.

“As an employee, I have been honored to have Siva as my guide, mentor, teacher, and supervisor,” wrote Zawadsky-Weist in her nomination. “Siva spends his time dedicated to helping all those around him including his patients, his staff, and his family. I am always impressed and hope to be like Siva with his dedication to care and to the people around him.”

Siva said helping ill or injured patients recover is a reward in itself. He said his goal is “getting people from when they feel hopeless and bringing them where they see light, where they say ‘yes, I achieved it, I can do it.’”

“When they come to us, they are at the bottom of everything – they don’t have independence, they rely on other people,” he said. “But by the time we are done, we can show them the light and give them the aspirations for the rest of their lives. I’m thankful to be able to do that for people.”

Equally important to Siva are his co-workers. By helping them become the best practitioners they can be, Siva believes he can help far more patients than those he treats himself. He has grown his department from three therapists to 16, often teaching the trade to new graduates. He researches advanced and new techniques and shares them through internal trainings and his own classes.

“With each of my therapists, I want to bring the best of their potential out, so I show them how things can be done better,” said Siva. “By the time they are done here, they can go out and handle the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition.”

Siva has worked at Westminster for nearly 10 years, and currently has seven specializations in physical therapy, including being the only Osteopractor in the state of Indiana. In March of this year, he expects to add another educational achievement – he will attain his MBA.

“It’s just always been a priority to educate myself to give patients the best care possible,” said Siva.

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By Michael Ogburn