In-Home Assistance for Seniors

One of the most common things we hear as the leading provider of senior care is “I need help taking care of my loved one.” And often, the person asking is the adult child or spouse of an older adult, and they are looking for in-home care such as companion care, transportation, or light housekeeping.

These types of services are offered through personal home care assistance, rather than the skilled nursing services offered through home health care.

Whether you’re living alone and need to find help, or you’re caring for a loved one and need supplemental or respite help, home care is a great option to maintain independence in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

You’ll want to first decide what your needs are by answering these questions:

  • What are my loved one’s current abilities and what do they need help doing?
  • How do they prefer to be helped? What don’t they like?
  • What recommendations has their doctor made?

Considering these things will help you choose the right home care agency for your family.

What To Expect

At Kindred, our personal home care assistance is provided by trained, professional caregivers who are insured and carefully matched to your loved one’s requirements and preferences. Our compassionate senior caregivers focus on:

  • Your loved one’s personal comfort
  • A clean, tidy and safe environment
  • Healthy and tasty meals
  • Friendly conversation and mentally-engaging activities
  • Attentive monitoring of medication schedules
  • Personal care assistance with daily routines
  • Transportation for medical appointments and outings
  • Maintaining optimal wellness and positive emotions

If medical issues arise, care can be coordinated with our home health nurses or rehab therapists.

Paying for Personal Home Care

Personal home care services can be covered in several different ways:

  • Out of Pocket. Personal home care assistants charge by the hour and vary in pricing from area to area. For the most part, this type of care is an out-of-pocket expense, unless other benefits outlined below are used.
  • Long Term Care Insurance. Policies vary, but are designed to cover personal home care needs.
  • Life Insurance with a Long-Term Care Rider.  Similar to LTC insurance. Policies vary.
  • Veterans Benefits. Contact your local VA to learn more about the "Aid and Attendance" program that covers in-home senior care services. There are also several non-profits that work with veterans to process their claims. VA benefits are not automatically given; they must be applied for, and recipients must meet certain requirements.
  • Medicare Advantage. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid added personal home care as a supplemental benefit through Medicare Advantage starting in 2019.

Next Steps

Learn more about personal home care, find a location, or call 1.866.KINDRED 24 hours a day, seven days a week to get answers to your healthcare questions.

By Kindred at Home