• The holidays are a wonderful time to celebrate togetherness, especially if you haven’t seen loved ones regularly throughout the year. If you have elderly loved ones, don't miss this list of behaviors and physical actions that could show that you may want to check in more often after the holidays.

    6 Holiday Warning Signs that Mom or Dad May Need Help
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  • 5 Secrets to Better Senior Health

    By Maddie Kuehn

    Most people go through life with a sense of independence and easily providing self-care, so the thought of losing that ability can be stressful and frightening. But with these five secrets, there are ways to maintain independence to keep you happy and healthy longer.

    5 Secrets to Better Senior Health 600
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  • Studies show that seniors who feel lonely visit their doctor more frequently, and it’s becoming a growing public health concern. Use these five tips to decrease feelings of loneliness and improve your overall health and longevity.

    Fighting Loneliness May Help You Stay Healthier 600
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  • 5 Summer Dangers Specific to Seniors

    By Craig Layne

    The summer season and heat can create specific risks for seniors. Learn about six of the most common hazards and how to protect yourself.

    5 Summer Dangers Specific to Seniors 600
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  • Many seniors face obstacles when it comes to maintaining an active social life, which is proven to have benefits in all areas of a person’s well-being. Use this convenient checklist to determine if you're doing everything you can to have a healthy social life.

    The Checklist Every Senior Needs to Help Maintain an Active Social Life 600
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  • Maintaining strength and energy becomes more difficult as the body changes over time through natural aging, illness or injuries. Use these suggestions to help inspire you to take the first step or energize you to keep going.

    How to Make Exercise a Routine to Promote Healthy Aging 600
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  • 10 Tips for Summer Skin Protection

    By Craig Layne

    Use these 10 summer safety tips to protect skin and make it feel and look better with age – whether you’re looking for steps for yourself or caring for an older loved one.

    10 Tips for Summer Skin Protection 600
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  • 4 Nutrition Tips for Healthy Aging

    By Quincie Grounds, RDN, LD, CNSC

    During all stages of life, your body has special nutritional needs that should be addressed to remain healthy. Here are four tips for active seniors.

    image of a chicken cabbage salad, a healthy, nutritious recipe
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  • How to Improve Your Health through Nutrition

    By Quncie Grounds, RDN, LD, CNSC

    With more than one in three American adults classified as obese, nearly one in four adults living with diabetes, and heart disease accounting for one in every four deaths in America each year, nutrition and exercise have never been more important. Learn how Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (RDN) are using nutrition to take an active role in preventing diseases and as a therapeutic agent in the management of chronic disease.

    image of egg bites


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  • 7 Tips to Stay Healthy While Caring for a Loved One

    By Mel Bearns

    When you’re caring for someone you love, it’s easy to forget that you also have needs. You may tend to put them aside in favor of being in the moment and staying on top of your commitment to our loved one. But this situation can unfortunately add challenges to your situation, leading to incidents of exhaustion, burnout, depression and even illness and disease.

    7 Proven Tips to Stay Healthy While Caring for a Loved One
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